Tune-Up™ Services


Because sometimes you just need a little help.

Introducing our Project Pragmatics Tune-Up™ Service Packages!


No time for your development team to drop everything and spend a week in a formal “death by slideware” training class?  Need a quick infusion of help to get you past a rough patch in your project?.  Trying to understand why some practices aren’t working for your team as expected?  Our Tune-Up services may be just what you need, just in time.

 An experienced consultant will come to your facility and:

Day 1 – Diagnose the situation.  Establish an approach that works for your team.
Day 2 – Training.  Fill any knowledge gaps.  Workshop format.  Your example or ours.
Day 3 – Coaching.  Work with your team to reinforce, guide, and Get Work Done.
Targeted Answers - Immediate Adoption - Minimal Disruption
We focus on helping software development teams get work done by introducing practical techniques, streamlined process, and focused training and mentoring, specific to the team’s needs.  We bring practical, pragmatic techniques to achieve your goals.  We deliver solutions that are tailored for your unique development environment and then fine-tuned to how your team actually works.  This approach eases adoption of new practices and helps you reap the benefits quickly. 
There are times when projects don’t go well even for the best teams.  High performance sports cars need tune-ups to continue their top performance.  Your development team is no different.  Break through the obstructions that are holding your team back. Unleash them!  Let them run!
For more information, contact Project Pragmatics – Rmaksimchuk@ProjectPragmatics.com .
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